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Our vision

Our vision is a world in which every backpacker - regardless of their financial status - can design, experience and share their individual journey in order to develop their own personality and strive for self-discovery.

Our young start-up strives to simplify the complex process of travel planning by filtering the user's personal preferences through a web application. With this, an individual travel route is created, adapted to the budget.

Our business model is to support the research, planning and implementation of the trip for backpackers through the service of the web app, so that the organization of the trip does not become an obstacle and does not trigger negative emotions that endanger the anticipation of the trip.



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Our solutions

All in 1 Web-App

Customize backpacking routes based on your interests.

Match and connect with other backpacker around the world.

Book at the current market price.

What is our WEB-App?

The focus is, among other things, on developing a framework for backpackers that constructs a personalized trip including flights, accommodation and transport options at the lowest possible price.

The more young people are excited by traveling and with our help overcome the complexity of the planning process in order to ultimately develop their personality and identity on their trip, the more our corporate philosophy will be fulfilled.

The web app is also the unique selling point of our company, as there is currently no combination for creating a travel route and finding a travel partner on a single platform in any market.

Discover Reisechule, our educational service for backpackers


While traveling, you can build personal values  and professional skills and determine your goals in life. Learn the most important things you need to know before starting your journey in order to make this experience as valuable as possible.


We are touring schools across the country teaching students the importance of travel to their education and showing them how to plan that experience.


Our expert coaches share their experiences on a digital platform that was created so that students receive great tools for their learning journey.

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Wants to be part of this Journey? 


To be part of the BackpackerTrail team means that you are part of something big. It means that you are not working for us, but with us.

You build something with us that has not existed before. Be there right from the start.


We started during the most difficult time: the corona pandemic. 

Nevertheless we took on this mission and started raising money (400.000€ in the last 12 months) and build up a community of travel addicts which are now getting more and more valuable content from us.

To develop our product we sucessfully partned with the biggest travel plattforms on the market such as Skyscanner, Hostelworld, and Getyourguide who are making their API available to us.










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Our Team

When we started it was just Stephan, Fabio and Maira. The past 15 months have been crazy and we built up a huge team of highly skilled individuals who want to revolutionize the way we travel.  

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